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Herbal Asthma Medicine Using Garlic

Herbal Asthma Medicine Using Garlic

Herbal Asthma Medicine Using Garlic.

 Herbal Asthma Medicine Using Garlic. Asthma is a respiratory disease or shortness of breath. People with asthma will experience shortness of breath suddenly.

 If you have a history of asthma, you can try the following ways to make herbal asthma medications using garlic leaves when your asthma flares up.
 Here's how to make herbal asthma medicine using garlic leaves.

 The first way.
 The ingredients you need to prepare:
 A. Collect three celery stalks.
 B. Prepare nine leaves of kapok leaves.
 C. Prepare salt and palm sugar to taste.

 How to make:
 Mix all the ingredients together in a container then mash all the ingredients until smooth, then put it in a glass then add 1/2 cup of water. Keep stirring until smooth. Continue to drink the concoction on a regular basis three days in a row before going to bed.

 The second way.
 Ingredients that need to be prepared:
 A. Prepare five cloves of garlic.
 B. One tablespoon of real honey.

 How to make:
 Slice the garlic into small pieces and boil it with one cup of water until the remaining half a cup. Then add honey to taste into the garlic boiled water and stir until evenly distributed. Then drink the potion in the morning it runs out immediately. And every evening make the same concoction and do it every day for one week on a regular basis.

 That's how to make Herbal Asthma Medicine Using Garlic.

 Remember that the real healer is Allah SWT. The potion is an effort as a servant. Hopefully useful for all of us.